"Priscilla has written an amazing collection of poems, each one tells a story that unfolds beautifully on reading."

- Robin Mark, worship leader, author, songwriter.

I have always loved poetry and dabbled prolifically in my teens,fuelled by teenage angst, when I didn’t have a lot to be “angsty” about!

Life, marriage, motherhood and ministry took over and while I loved reading the works of others, there didn’t seem to be the time to listen to the rhythms within. Mary Oliver observes, “poems arrive ready to begin. Poets are only the transportation.”

In the last ten years as I have intentionally opened my eyes and ears, I have begun to welcome their arrival. At times they come delightfully unexpected and complete but others are wrung from life’s harder experiences and pain.

I share them with a large amount of trepidation, it’s a bit like being a Mum, you are not unaware of your children’s flaws but you don’t want anyone else to point them out. I do offer them from my heart to yours and hope they resonate to some degree. 
-Priscilla Reid


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